Video is King of Content Marketing

Littleton Video Marketing Whether it’s live streaming video, video ads or Snapchat videos, all of these should be in your marketing briefcase. Videos are Number One when it comes to Facebook ads and you get a lot of bang for your buck using videos. You can share knowledge, information, specials or just plain fun in your videos and catapult your brand to the top of the search engines.

YouTube is owned by Google so every video you use and promote from YouTube helps your reach in marketing that much further. Filming is easy from any SmartPhone now days so start filming and creating videos like crazy to help your marketing and getting you in front of large audiences!

Live Video is Trending Now

Start using live video in your Facebook stream. It’s so easy to make a live video with a Google Hangout. Just teach something unique about your business. It doesn’t need to be more than 3-4 minutes long and you’ll be shocked how quickly it moves you up the search engine ranks.

You can use the short videos to convert Facebook audiences to your YouTube channel to learn more. How much easier it is to know, like and trust someone who you can see on video? Wisewomen will help you set up your videos and edit them if necessary. We’ll help you put on a title and the last image being your business and contact information.

We can also help you set up Google Hangouts to interview complimentary experts in your niche. Think about this. If you interview an expert, they have a unique audience which they will share your interview with and boom, your reach has just expanded exponentially! Interview someone new every week and you get new potential clients every week.

Video Analytics

Understanding your YouTube (or other platform) analytics helps you understand what works with your audience and what does not. It helps if you want to use video ads as well. Things you can see in the analytics are:

  • Average view duration
  • Your demographic
  • Clicked YouTube Cards
  • 10 second views
  • Sound on
  • Sound off
  • Clicked Annotations

Wisewomen can help you understand your analytics by reporting stats to you monthly. This helps you create content that will help you convert prospects.

SnapChat for Millennials

SnapChat is an app that is causing a stir with millennials. If your audience falls within this age-range, Wisewomen can help you promote your brand with these prospects. As with all social media, it’s not an overnight jackpot. Again, you are building and audience who know, like and trust you, which takes time and commitment.

Thumbnails & Such

Your channel in YouTube is a mini-advertising channel that can entice people to click on videos. Wisewomen helps you create Thumbnails that are inviting, Titles that lure them in and keywords that help you rank in the search engines. Your video marketing strategy is well-laid out for you and Wisewomen Web Publishing helps you achieve your goals of dominating your niche in video.

Social Media Marketing with Videos

Videos need to be a key component of your marketing strategies. We’ll be happy to help your create, edit, launch and market your videos for your business. Give us a call at 303-955-0867 or fill out the form and we can discuss how to integrate video into your marketing portfolio!

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