Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing through Facebook

1.3 Billion Users

Social Media Marketing through Pinterest

70 million Users

Social Media Marketing through Instagram

150 Million Users

Social Media Marketing through Twitter

600 Million Users

Social Media Marketing through Google +

Google +
500 Million Users

Social Media Marketing through YouTube

1 Billion Users

Social Media Marketing through LinkedIn

240 Million Users

You are the Star of Social Media

You Are the Star
of Social Media

Using the authority of social media and content marketing will help raise the number of prospects and your sales funnel in a major way. Starting a social media campaign for small businesses without a strategy and plan to leverage your entire online presence which includes social media marketing can be daunting. That’s where Wisewomen Web Publishing can help you shine online! 🙂

The following 10 strategies are what we help our clients with when we support their social media marketing. Social Marketing is really Relationship Marketing. You build relationships by sharing who you are online. Who you are translates to people who learn to know, like and trust you. If they know like and trust you as a person, when you DO present your business to them, they’re more likely to know, like and trust your business. Relationships come from constant posting of your values online. Those values attract others with the same values. Those people can convert to customers, but only after you have developed a good relationship with them. You can’t have a good relationship with someone if you’re just trying to make them a customer. No one likes to feel used. Wisewomen Web Publishing helps you build your Social Media brand without using people. These strategies will help expand your brand, build loyal customer followings and add to your bottom line.

  1. The Strategy of Listening
    Success in social media and content marketing involves more listening and less talking about yourself and your business. Read what your target audience is posting online and join discussions to study what’s important to them. Don’t talk about you. Listen to THEM! You want to add value to their lives. Every social post should deliver value in some way to your target market. We keep our ears to the ground so we can develop relationships based on what your contacts are talking about. You are relevant with our help! 🙂
  2. The Strategy of Focus
    You can’t be all things to all people. That’s why local social marketing is so successful. You focus on your community and the people and what’s going on there with them. Once you become a part of their online community, they’re going to “know, like and trust” you as one of them. The first step in developing a relationship with folks in your community. Our Social Media experts help you focus on your community and make thoughtful, interesting and fun posts that let people know you’re a “live wire” in your community. Someone who people want to get to know better. Someone they’d like to develop a relationship with in all areas. We can help you create that focus, one community at a time!
  3. The Strategy of Quality
    You may have 10,000 connections online, but if you’ve only made the connection and not followed up with developing a relationship with them, why would they want to know more about you? You haven’t shown that you want to know more about them. Our Social Media experts get to know your contacts, interact with them and develop that all important relationship with them. You CAN have a good time with “10,000 of your closest friends” who may become customers, with Wisewomen on your team!
  4. The Strategy of Patience
    Success with Social Media Marketing doesn’t happen overnight. You will need to commit to the long-haul of developing and nurturing social relationships online. Week after week, month after month of posting on social media and building your “tribe”.  That’s why small business owners trust Wisewomen to carry out these day-to-day tasks which carries on your brand and develops good, strong relationships.  Business owners can carry on their business without being distracted with social media marketing.
  5. The Strategy of Compounding
    Publishing remarkable content on your site and sending it out the Social Media outlets helps build your audience. Others share your content through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.The more your content and posts are shared, which we will include keywords for your business in each post, the more search engines are bound to pick up on them and post them high in the search engines for those keywords.  This expands your online reach to hundreds, even thousands of more people who could become customers.
  6. The Strategy of Influence
    Wisewomen spends time researching online influencer sites in your market with quality audiences who would likely be interesting in your services, products and business.  We connect with those influencers on your behalf and build relationships with them.We work to get you on their radar as an authority in your business who offers valuable information on a regular basis.  They are more likely to share your content with their audience, which places your business in front of a whole new group of followers and potential new customers.
  7. The Strategy of Value
    Most marketers do Social Marketing wrong.  They hit, hit, hit everyone with a pitch for their business.  People stop listening to pitches.  You’re one of a million buskers to people online.  Wisewomen helps you build meaningful, over-the-top content for you to share about your niche so people enjoy seeing your content and posts online.  They look forward to them!  Then, every once in awhile, you offer something that wows them, and hopefully, by this time they know, like and trust you and consider purchasing your service or product.  Wisewomen has an armory of Social Media secret weapons we use to draw viewers in, and keep them in day-after-day,  It’s all about the relationships on Social Media.
  8. The Strategy of Acknowledgment
    When someone reaches out to you in the physical world, you don’t ignore them. You respond and that usually starts a conversation. The same holds true in Social Networking.  Someone reaches out to your online and you respond, hopefully striking up a conversation that may include others chiming in.  Wisewomen helps you spark those conversations and builds relationships by responding to people who comment on your posts.
  9. The Strategy of Accessibility
    A good Social Media presence means consistently publishing content and posts and interacting with your followers daily. The Wisewomen team helps you be accessible to your fans at all times. The more you’re in front of your audience, the better the relationship and the more they know, like and trust you.
  10. The Strategy of Reciprocity
    Being reciprocal in relationships online is the life blood of Social Media. Others share your content and posts and you share theirs. Wisewomen will help you build strategic alliances so that shared content is complimentary to your business.  Your standing in the community is heightened when other businesses feel supported by you and understand you will share their businesses with your audience.

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