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Littleton Local MarketingLocal Small Businesses have a lot on their plate. And marketing to local prospects is a BIG chunk of that responsibility. It is very difficult to do the daily marketing which is extremely important for Small Businesses to capture the daily searches for their business from local people. Without an SEO expert on their team, Littleton Small Business Owners can’t expect to have to get their Business in front of more customers searches for their business in their community.

Wisewomen Web Publishing uses five steps in our Local Marketing strategy.

  1. Local Businesses need to be seen and their information shared in hundreds of sites on the web. This helps search engines know you’re a real business doing business in your community. We have a team of experts to make sure all that information about your business is correct, on point and have the keywords necessary for search terms about your business.
  2. Local Businesses need a website filled with ample unique content with those keywords in a site that converts and is the all-important Mobile Friendly. We can’t stress enough how having your site mobile is a major factor in your rankings on Google.
  3. Local Maps on Google, Yahoo and Bing with your key information and keywords about your business is imperative to the ranking success of your business. We work hard to get your business into the Map search, but keep your business there.
  4. Video Marketing is very profitable for Local Business ranking because YouTube is owned by Google and Google wants unique videos as much as they want unique websites for prospects searching for Local Business. Wisewomen Web Publishing will help you create unique high-ranking videos that convert!
  5. Authoritative backlinks are particularly important for Local Websites to rank high in search engine searches. We understand how to utilizing state-of-the-art back-linking strategies to help propel your website into the top of your business niche!

Don’t take our word for it, read what a client on Facebook said about our services.

“Thanks Carole! You helped put us on the map and visible to the world. You are the best!!”
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“Thanks Carole! You helped put us on the map and visible to the world. You are the best!!”JJ Heim

“I am so thrilled with my site and the direction my business is going since hooking up with Wisewomen Web Publishing and Carole’s team! SEO, Lead Generation and all the technical web design backend that included mobile site, my business just keeps expanding and growing online!”KaZ Cruse Akers