Better Littleton Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Littleton SEO ExpertSEO is important for small and large businesses alike. Your search engine optimization (SEO) defines how your site will be found and ranked on search engines like Google and Bing.  Wisewomen Web Publishing utilizes cutting edge SEO practices that allow local businesses to move of the ranks of their competitors on search engines.

SEO includes choosing specific keywords and phrases for your small business.  What are you selling?  What services are you offering?  After analyzing what your businesses key words need to be, we put together content and other properties which help your business crush your competition in rankings.

Designing responsive websites and mobile websites gives our clients the edge they need to rank high in the search engines.  Google announced that mobile-friendly websites would rank higher in their search engines because they want a good experience for mobile Google searchers.  We know how to make that happen with your website.

SEO includes many different “lines in the water” for local companies and we put all the lines available into the “marketing pool” for our clients.  We practice state-of-the-art SEO tactics and continue to do so month-after-months for our clients.  That’s why we guarantee our SEO services.  You change your ranking upward or you don’t pay.  We supply you with reports and screenshots of your ranking increases so you can actually see your site move up in search engines.

Here’s a Littleton small business who moved up the ranks in just a few months after hiring us to help their marketing efforts.

Google SEO Insights

Then we continue to help keep your business at the top of your rankings every month for different key words.  High rankings mean more people seeing your business and ringing you up or walking through the door.  Today, local internet marketing is a favorite of Google and getting it on all devices, especially mobile is the key to increasing your bottom line.

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“Thanks Carole! You helped put us on the map and visible to the world. You are the best!!”JJ Heim

“I am so thrilled with my site and the direction my business is going since hooking up with Wisewomen Web Publishing and Carole’s team! SEO, Lead Generation and all the technical web design backend that included mobile site, my business just keeps expanding and growing online!”KaZ Cruse Akers