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Relevant content should be on everything you publish online

Consumers have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to traditional marketing. They use their DVR to record programs so they can skip the commercials; don’t purchase magazines as much because they’re mostly advertising; online they scoot away from sites with pop-up ads and ads posted after every paragraph on a story they wanted to read. They Google something they want to find out about, and if it is nothing but an ad site, they’re gone!

If you’re an intelligent marketer, you want to find out what people are searching for in your niche and deliver that information in a unique, original way that gives them a new perspective on your niche.
Content is King in your site and posts. Exactly what is content?

Content is valuable, consistent and relevant information to attract and keep your ideal clients. Content of yours that comes up high in the search engines, will drive those potential clients to enter into a profitable relationship with you. You offer them good information regularly and they become a fan of yours and then a customer.

All content you create has the purpose of attracting and retaining customers by constantly creating, researching and organizing valuable and relevant content with the purpose of enhancing or changing a buyer’s behavior. Creating content is an ongoing practice that you need to integrate into your weekly marketing strategy where you own the content and you’re not renting from others.

Basically, all of your content should be created so that you are communicating with your clients and prospects without selling them. You deliver, over-the-top information they haven’t heard before, and you wow them every week with new and interesting content that expands their intelligence about your niche. You become the expert in your field that others turn to for solid information. Consistent and unique content breeds trust and loyalty with your clients and prospects. This translates into loyal customers who trust you and recommend you to others.

Search engines look for relevant content

If your content is not relevant to search engine inquiries (what people put in the search bar) then they won’t pick up your content and your site won’t be on the first page of Google for that key word or phrase. Google is our “Encyclopedia Britannica” today. You can search for anything on Google and their algorithm pulls the pages that match that search term. If your content is good, interesting and relevant, you make people want to read what you have to say. The more interesting your good content is presented consistently helps people think and act differently. That difference could mean them becoming lifetime customers.

Content is important now and will continue to be in the future. Building a static web site, with no new content is like putting your business card up on a supermarket bulletin board. Your site will go the way of newspapers… dead to the world.

Your content can tie in with your social networking, online advertising, local marketing and getting your business credibility as an “expert in the field”. Wisewomen Web Publishing has a cadre of professional content writers that can help write meaningful, interesting and valuable content filled with keywords and phrases that users search for in your niche.

The future is now for online marketing content. Get your web site and marketing up-to-date with pertinent content that builds trust with prospects who turn that trust into sales! Call us today at 303-955-0867 to talk about your online marketing content strategy.

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